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Bird meat and sub products
(broiler chickens, chicken and turkey hams and wings, chicken and turkey semi-products)

Beef and beef sub products
(beef liver carved and intact, beef heart, beef semi-products)

Pork and pork sub products
(pork liver, meat "picnic", pork semi-products)

(the carcass of a yearling lamb or ram is unbroken; the carcasses are not divided into parts)

Fish and sea products
(herring, salmon, hake, mackerel, scad, cod and so on)

Processed meats
(bird meat mechanically cultivated, chicken liver, bird entrails, skeletons and so on)

Primal cuts
(sausages, boiled sausages, wieners, ham and so on)

U.S. Headquarters
311 North Robertson Blvd., Suite 800, Beverly Hills, California 90211 U.S.A.

E-Voice: +1.323.395.0770
E-Fax: +1.323.395.0707