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Products / Poultry

Roaster (> 2300 g.)
The parts descriptions for roaster chicken are the same as those for broiler. Whole roaster chicken with giblets normally is a stock item but some of the other parts may not be as readily available. Customers with special needs should discuss the availability of such items with their supplier.

Broiler (900-2300 g.)
The terms broiler or fryer are interchangeable within the industry. The term broiler is more common and simplification, all descriptions will only refer to items as broilers.

Cornish Hen or Cornish Game Hen (600-800 g.)
Game hens are young, special breed, immature birds that are older and larger than poussin chicken. They are normally available only as whole birds with giblets, or as a semi-boneless whole bird specify item.

Poussin (400-600 g.)
Poussin chickens are very small, young, immature birds. They normally are available only as whole birds with giblets, or as a boneless or semi-boneless whole bird specify item.

Types of products

Poultry parts
(broiler leg quarter, poultry breast, poultry wing)

U.S. Trade Descriptions for Poultry
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