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Products / Fish end sea food

Healthy choice
Fish and sea products are extremely important for health and eutrophy. Fish is a magnificent source of easily assimilated proteins. A high concentration of vitamins of group B, especially B12 is contained. Cod-liver oil is a unique pure daily resource of vitamin D. Our organism is supplied by oil-soluble vitamins of A and E group. The sea products have a low maintenance of sodium, and at the same time they are reached by potassium iodide. The sea products can give us all necessary minerals and trace elements, including iodine, fluorine and selenium.

The gifts of sea are required for a brain, nervous system and a retina of eyes development. They also are important for development of fetus and the first years of life. The researches showed that the components of sea products were very effective against chronic infections, diabetes and various kinds of a cancer. It is not surprised that considering the excellent taste and universal purposes fish and sea products became very popular dish all over the world.

Types of products

Fish parts
(anchovy, atka mackerel, capelin, cod, cod pacific, cod red, hake, hake pacific ...)

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