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Bulk vessel shipments of frozen meat and poultry products are made into two locations on a monthly basis for Port of St.Petersburg, RUSSIA and Poti/Batumi, GEORGIA. We frequently serve other Black Sea ports and nearby ports such as Konstanza, ROMANIA; Mersin, TURKEY; Novorossisk, RUSSIA and Odessa, UKRAINE.

The shipments are made monthly by refer containers as well. We have long established ourselves with the steamship companies, which gives us the necessary negotiating power to guarantee the lowest possible rates, as well as the hassle free and expedient transit time. Our consolidation warehouse, cold storage, and container-loading facilities are available to our customers at the most economical pricing throughout the United State. We offer Marine Insurance at competitive rates and exact mix services our customers require.

Our offices in St. Petersburg, Moscow (RUSSIAN), Poti (GEORGIA) and Baku (AZERBAIJAN) can help to take care of accepting arriving vessels and reloading the cargo onto the railroad cars in order to expedite the goods to their final destination.

SJS Poti
(The main direction of company activities is logistics services in ports of Poti and Batumi, Georgia)

U.S. Headquarters
311 North Robertson Blvd., Suite 800, Beverly Hills, California 90211 U.S.A.

E-Voice: +1.323.395.0770
E-Fax: +1.323.395.0707